zondag 17 januari 2010

Ik wil zomer

Ik heb echt een hekel aan de winter gekregen en ik kan niet
wachten op de zomer. Nog maar 62 dagen tot de lente gelukkig!
Deze week zomervakantie boeken. Hoera!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I think, I got it..
    You hate winter, and you can't wait for the summer to come.. And there's only 62 days to something.. I didn't get that..
    And then something with summer holidays and books..

    Am i right?

    That's one of the good things about speaking german, danish and english.. Dutch is some kind of cool mix, I think..

  2. Haha, you're almost right. 62 days till spring. :D

  3. That's a long time.. Winter is alright though.. Except for the coldness

  4. hah! i also have no problem to read dutch.
    can you also understand words in german? :)

  5. leuk laura ! super.
    ik kan ook niet wachten.